Mother’s Day!

Welcome back dearest fantastic friends everywhere in your beautiful world: the US, India, Saudi Arabia, Ireland, Australia, Brazil, Russia, China, Colombia, Australia, the UK, Philippines, Poland, Ukraine, Nigeria, Italy, South Africa, Uzbekistan, Portugal, Mexico, Peru, Belgium, south Africa, France, Turkey, Poland, Spain, Bangladesh, Norway, France, Taiwan, Japan, Indonesia, Germany, Brazil, Hong Kong, Canada, Romania, Switzerland, Malaysia, and all! 😉

SophieMothers DayMama! Mommy!

When you hear “Mothers’ Day” words, a lot of memories might come to your mind, whether you have a mother or not. In both cases, your memories are full of love, care, and pain, coz they all come together.

Giving a present to your mom is nice but only when you give her what will make her happy in her day!

Until we chat again, there is plenty of hopes in your world, with our hugs and kisses Qatar Airways Worthy


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