Classrooms’ Challenges!

Welcome back friends from the US, Cyprus, Sri Lanka, Netherlands, India, Saudi Arabia, Ireland, Australia, Brazil, Russia, China, Colombia, Australia, the UK, Philippines, Poland, Ukraine, Nigeria, Italy, South Africa, Uzbekistan, Portugal, Mexico, Peru, Belgium, south Africa, France, Turkey, Poland, Spain, Bangladesh, Norway, France, Taiwan, Japan, Indonesia, Germany, Brazil, Hong Kong, Canada, Romania, Switzerland, Malaysia, and all! 😉

When teachers see this, they do not want to go back to schools due to the enormous challenges they have to face. The in-class teaching in CA is having huge challenges which might take forever to be done:

  • Cleanliness for the restrooms need to be dramatically improved. There is no enough janitors to do the job so most districts made contracts with small companies, which security-wise seems to be unsafe.
  • The sanitization for the tools the students use is none, which is again critical under the circumstances.SophieSchools
  • Qatar Airways

    The distance between the students especially the youngest ones is kept at less than 2 feet, although some schools use a transparent plastic shield around the top of each desk. Approaching each other during the play time is unavoidable.

  • The class ventilation should be improved and maintained.
  • Dusty books and documents need to be removed from  classrooms.
  • Playground play-carts and its contents could be a source of infection since they are not sanitized properly and frequently enough.
  • No hot water in students’ bathrooms and most kids avoid washing their hands with cold water and you know what this means.

These are all real challenges, not made-up ones. Solutions are plenty, it only needs the right person to act fast on dealing with them but the right person is not enough for CA has thousands of schools.

Until we chat again, do you want to know what’s going on in other aspects of life?  Sure. This is to be addressed next, with our hugs and kisses Worthy


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