Thunder Force!

Good Evening Everyone!

For your new movie tonight or in weekend, it is recommended to watch: “Thunder Force”.

BerrylookA new family movie. The theme is not new but you can have instances of laugh or at least smile.Qatar Airways You can use it to get your mind off any undesirable thoughts or exhaustion of work.

Children will be amused by this kind of movie and adults will be happy that their kids are away from social networking and games for a change. It is a Netflix production and may be it is time for Redbox to produce its own movies too. Redbox is getting slower in introducing new movies for its customers which is affecting its business.

Actors are all great doing their best to live their roles. Since it is a comedy, they know that nobody is taking it serious, so they might have added to their roles here and there who knows 😆

For all our friends everywhere who celebrate end of Ramadan, Happy Eid El Fitr. For others who celebrate any other occasion, Happy Blessings. 🙂

Until we chat again, we’ll expect your shares and comments soon with our hugs and kisses ❤BerrylookCashmere in Love


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