Your Last Chance!

Good to see you all from the US, the UK, Netherlands, Ireland, Canada, India, Japan, Malaysia, Portugal, Nigeria, China, Spain, Sri Lanka, Cyprus, and all! 😉

Is it hard to know what you wanna talk about? Indeed, sometimes it is. Not only for you but for too many others. The reason is that you live in a unique timing where people have become strangers to each other and are in constant fear of almost everything around them. It is similar to some type of paranoia that is brought upon you by the new networks schemes. You are not sure who will survive it and who will not.

The other reason is that there are now too many things you want to talk about to express how you feel towards each of these issues but NO thanks to the media which pick and choose for you almost everything of “What You Need to Know”.

  • Here’s your list of worries as are raised by your dear Media giants:
    – Parties Fight
    – Media Censorship, manipulation, and interference in humans lives
    – ChinaPipelines
    – RussiaNunn Bush 10% off with code: LNK10
    – Space Invasion
    – Immigration Crises
    – Borders Businesses
    – Prices Hikes: – Homes – Food – Gas
    – Running the Country/State
    – Elections Fraud
    – Big Plan of Steal
    – Housing
    – Homeless: Nonstop numbers Increase
    – Admin Corruption
    – Newspapers
    – Energy: Solar & Gas Industries
    – Infrastructure: – Pipelines – Grids – Forests
    – Education
    – Agriculture & Farming Reform
    – Unstudied baseless Taxes 
  • Others

Although all these points are valid points for discussion and rapidly find solutions, the most urgent one in the opinion of the majority is China, even by our Chinese friends’ testimonials. Not that we dislike the Chinese people coz it is related to the system not to the controlled people under that system.Nunn Bush 10% off with code: LNK10


Because it is getting involved in all aspects of life in all American States. You do not see “French Towns” similar to “China Town” in every county or in every State, nor “Russian Towns”, or “Australian Towns” This is one example of being inserted right in the middle of the US population and culture. There are plenty more serious involvement situations where the US Gov could be completely crippled if it didn’t move fast enough and turn the wheels away from that hazardous source.

Here’s a link that was sent to us by our friends to share with all of you. May be the video will disappear. In this case you can try looking for this link: Compare between what was said in 2019 and what was said in 2021 TODAY!


Until we chat again, there is a LOT to say and to share and you’re doing your best to catch up with everything, but next a new movie that might let you laugh a bit, with our hugs and kisses



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