Who Are You?!

Great to have you all with us from the US, the UK, Canada, Croatia, Philippines, Italy, Nigeria, Vietnam, India, and al! 😉

Isn’t it interesting to be asked to teach a poem then you find out that the original poem was modified or altered (for some unknown reason) and when the students read it the way it is after alteration, they show no interest and ask for some clip poetry which you unexpectedly find for the same poem on YouTube but surprisingly enough, it revealed the original poem for the whole world not only for your students.

The poem is “I’m Nobody” by Emily Dickenson and the line that was altered is the last line in the first stanza in addition to omitting the 2nd part of the poem’s title “Who are You?”SophieWhoAreYou

And here’s the video that revealed everything:

Until we chat again, enjoy your reading list with our hugs and kisses ❤


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