Your Creator!

It is enchanting to be with you! 😉 Welcome back all and every friend from the US, the UK, Malaysia, Singapore, Turkey, Bangladesh, Belgium, China, Germany, Indonesia, Canada, France, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Morocco, Switzerland, Netherlands, South Africa, South Korea, Nigeria, Italy, Ukraine, Russia, Australia, Ireland, Spain, Austria, Hong Kong, Thailand, Taiwan, India, Mozambique, Lebanon, Syria, Algeria, Belgium,  Austria, Taiwan, India, Mozambique, Tunisia, Lebanon, and al! 😉

You didn’t hear about the details of why parents are in rage, did you? Perhaps the Media is busy with other important issues, or may be it is instructed not to interfere.

Sadly enough and instead of being busy with wars and all other made-up stories, this story seems to be the most important one. Why? Because it affects the core thoughts of your kids. A very good example is the next clip where you’ll see your Creator as introduced to your children:

Although there are too many arguments about the interpretation of this new mind-invasion maneuver, you need to be aware of this absolute insanity.

SOULThis trend will invite all creeds and religions that believe in The Creator to be tightly together one hand against this gigantic wave that can end all mankind good beliefs.

That is one example of what your children watch at school or at home through their schools. Watch it then do something about it if you are a true believer and if you dislike to have your kids turned into bigots.

Until we chat again, there is more about school schemes and teachers inability to do anything hoping that parents do, with our hugs and kisses ❤SOUL


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