Peace Treaties Revoked!

Welcome back dearest friends everywhere!

palestine-land-mapGreed might have you lose it all, and this is how Israel is doing. It should defend itself and the same goes for Palestinians but it should also respect neighbors and not invade Gaza. Gaza is Egyptian land and Israel does not have any right in having its troops on the grounds of Egypt.

“Now when all the Peace treaties fall apart Israel should not blame anyone but itself”, your Israeli friends expected that. 

As for you here, you do not want war and you can’t afford paying any other country at the present time; therefore, you do not expect your gov to interfere. It has already million crises to solve.

peace treaty, by its very nature, is not bound by any specific time limit, and is not given to cancellation or revocation, unless by declaration of war or act of aggression by one of the parties to the treaty, constituting a revocation of the very basis of the peace relationship, which includes mutual acknowledgment of the sovereignty, territorial integrity and political independence of the other party (article 2).

Until we chat again, peace is the best door for all problems. It’s the opposite of greed, with our hugs and kisses ❤SOUL


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