The Marksman!

It’s windy here today and the trees continued to shake it for a considerable time! 😉 Welcome back everyone!

New movie in town as you heard it few days ago. Do you wonder how it was? It is called “The Marksman

New movie but an old theme. It’s the story of a worn-out man who lives by himself near the South Borders of CA. He is a Veteran served honorably and well-trained to hunt people.Nunn Bush 10% off with code: LNK10

Neeson played his role very naturally as usual and expressed all the burdens of people who live in that area in the nowhere from civilization. It is continuous suffering but they choose that life and they have to keep up with its problems.

It is a family movie but might be boring for children. No real excitement although the kid share the camera with Neeson most of the time.

It’s a Redbox movie.

Until we chat again, continue to catch up with what you’ve missed to get your inspiration with our hugs and kisses ❤SOUL


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