New Year’s Movie!

Time feel good to let yourself go! Time feel nice from your head to your toe! 😉 Welcome back dearest readers and friends from the US, Portugal, India, Trinidad &Tobago, and Italy! 😉

It’s your right place to enjoy the last minute of the year. A crowd, some are drinking, others are dancing or listening to music. Each one is enjoying something. A movie is played. It’s called ” The Spy Who Dump Me”.


I heard some laughs, which made me kind of unthinkably marched towards the screen. It seemed like a comedy but full of action. It got few  laughs out of me and  others, entertaining but the setting was noisy celebrating the New Year of course.

Nina, my friend, told me that I should be doing something other than listening to SophieHappyNew2019.jpgpeople, so joining the viewers of that movie was not a bad idea after all. However, I mingled back with the group afterwards coz the alternative was to go home, and just sit back in my bed having my laptop and navigating in-between our pages or your emails.

I recognized an actress from SNL show “Kate McKinnen”. She was hilarious as usual. The tale was about a spy. Definitely they were looking for some stolen items, right? The cool thing about it was that although it was not a family movie, it didn’t have that excessive blood that usually appear in action movies.

Until we chat again, check on the special, you’d find it inspirational with out hugs and kissesQatar AirwaysGeekstore

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