GA Gold or ID Gold?!

Never make anyone eats up your brain! 😉 Welcome back dearest friends everywhere: the US, Indonesia, Thailand, the UK, South Africa, Kenya, Italy, Cameroon, China, India, Philippines, Nigeria, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Canada, Serbia,  Croatia, Paraguay, Switzerland, Brazil,  Australia, Saudi Arabia, Poland, Russia, Czech Republic, Egypt, Hong Kong, Ireland, Philippines, Indonesia, Norway, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Argentina, Belgium, Finland, Turkey, Hungary, Latvia,  Germany,  Puerto Rico, Cameroon, Sweden,  Romania, Singapore, Panama, Denmark, Georgia, France,  Taiwan, Estonia, Pakistan, Japan, Ecuador, Spain,  Netherlands, Greece, Austria, Uzbekistan, Bahrain, Chile, Thailand, Cyprus,  Qatar, Tanzania,  Ukraine, Colombia, Uruguay, South Korea, Bulgaria, Portugal, the UAE, New Zealand,  Iraq, Costa Rica, Mauritius, Vietnam,  American Samoa, Bosnia & Herzegovina,  Congo- Kinshasa, Trinidad & Tobago, El Salvador,  Réunion, Nepal,  Belarus, and all!😉

Next in your gold searching journey, there comes Georgia and Idaho. Each State has a different living expenses amount. Sometimes, it also depends on what level of living you will seek while working your gold project.IdahoGoldSites

8 Ways To Invest In Gold MinersIn Idaho, the living expenses per person per day is around $ 131. Is this for sure? You will only know when you are there with your project to dig 🙄

How much money will you need for your trip to Idaho? You should plan to spend around $131 per day on your vacation in Idaho, which is the average daily price based on the expenses of other visitors. Past travelers have spent, on average, $36 on meals for one day and $36 on local transportation.

Georgia Gold Sites

In Georgia, it could less or it could be more. it depends on where you plan to live. It is stated that it is $ 55.39 without housing.

Georgia. Georgia’s average per diem rate is $55.39 for M&IE and $97.57 for lodging. Jul 13, 2020.

Until we chat again, gold is nice to explore similar to posts exploring, with our hugs and kisses ❤1257f0915fc7a55826f5893efe31ba41_w200


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