Global Crisis!

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You didn’t know that Amazon is disliked that much by its workers and employees. It comes as surprise for many especially when an Amazon commercial runs on most if not all the TV channels presently.

A logo of Amazon Prime is pictured on a vehicle as Extinction Rebellion activists protest outside the Amazon Fulfilment Centre in AltrinchamWhat does the strikers want? And what does the commercial say?

According to some sources:

On Black Friday, workers around the world are targeting Amazon under the banner of Make Amazon Pay. The actions span the supply chain and traverse borders — just like Amazon itself.

This Black Friday, a coalition of unions, nongovernmental organizations, and grassroots groups joined under the name of Make Amazon Pay is staging a day of strikes and protests targeting Amazon across twenty countries, demanding the company pay a living wage, taxes, and compensation for its environmental impact.

Thousands of European Amazon warehouse workers are on strikeIn the US, the strikes will be in California, New York, Boston, and others. The UK is taking a role also perhaps supporting the workers’ demands.

The commercial brags that Amazon pays its workers $15/hr, what a sleezy show! Nobody can live on this pay any more, doesn’t Amazon know that? Of course, it does but greed is present.

It is labeled as a global crisis.  Demands should be met quickly to avoid any losses or the pyramid will be cramping all the way down. What do you think?

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