Another Night with Another Story!

Another night and another weekend with another movie! 😉

Almost each weekend you watch at least one new movie. You choose your relaxation time to watch and enjoy without being interrupted just for living away from everything in your life. It works good and many others do the same.TheCardCounter

This weekend it is “The Card Counter” a new movie 2021. Some like it and some hesitate to say they like it. You are not sure why. Maybe because it is R and rated 3 or 4 stars only, who knows. Take a quick look at its trailer then tell us what you think:

Perhaps the actors are unknown, but the story is definitely having new elements. The scenes and the light are great so is the sequence of events which brings you a surprise by the very end.

Until we talk again, words never end so read more, with our hugs and kisses ❤

Swimming fish



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