3 New Movies!

Days uncover for you who your good friends are, just smile! 😉 Welcome back dearest friends everywhere! 😉

BornChampThree movies:

  1. Selected based on Gerard Butler big name but “Greenland” was all about the theory of what would/could happen to Earth when it was attacked by alien sky fire. Horrible scenes of people trying to survive and to avoid being finished with any of those fire bodies.

  2. Selected based on the movie’s name which was “Born A Champion”  it was the best of the three. As good as it was, there was some scenes of fighting but it was based on true story and the main character mastered that kind of marshal arts which was a plus.
  3. selected based on the title without seeing the trailer which was a big big mistake. It is better not to see “The Hunt” for two reasons: the first the amount of red ink that was used representing blood of course, and the methods of killing people. However, it would show you the bias persons how far they could go with their blindness of the truth and how a sorrowful end it could be. Obviously you know that and you do not want to see it exaggerated in that unhuman way.

Until we chat again, get your inspiration and think of how to master writing for this could be our next post, with our hugs and kisses


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