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Are you in the footwear business? If you were, how come that the market lacks many special feet needs that are in demand now more than ever and nobody come up with any new style that would or could accommodate such needs?

Definitely , your feet needs are different from everyone else. For example, if you were an athlete, you might have skin problems in your feet which requires a tailored pair of shoes depending on its area.

footwearThere are too many brands some are older than others, but more study is needed to meet the foot skin problems since in most cases the shoes should be having strong ventilation such as making holes near the toes area.

If this could be reasonably adapted,  a very large number of people will use this kind of shoes since the majority now feel it is easy to use a sports shoes.

There are shoes which could harm your feet and make them develop bacterial fungus and other bad ailments. Those with a lot of plastic and totally closed around your feet are on the top of causing this.

Until we talk again, trust your pen when you know enough about the subject matter, and get inspired, with our hugs and kisses ❤
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