Claiming civilization should be shown by action! 😉

Swedish Prime Minister condemns unrest in wake of Quran burning: Reports –  ThePrint – ANIFeedHow can you believe that this or that group burned your holy book? Be patient and get to the bottom of the matter.

If they did, what does this prove? some will say: “it will prove uncivilization, extremism, delusional act, ignorance, or any other.”

Nonesense, the important point is that there are people who will get hurt for this action, if it is not contained immediately. If your slogans bring harm to your family, you must be a big ignorant, and you need to quit. why do yo provoke others for no reason?

It is dummy and unacceptable. If your neighbor is jew and you burn her Torah, this is openly asking for trouble. If your friend is Christian and you burn his Bible, you are troubled. No matter what others’ faith is, respect it!

Live in peace. Have a peace of mind.

Stay away from dragging your family into a deep hole and real harm. If something like this happens near you, stay away from it. It will end up by destruction and pain. Don’t let some orchastrated game play you with fake pictures.

Until we chat again, think of justice, with our hugs and kisses ❤

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