Health Trivia?!

Being rich is never a guarantee for having cheerfulness in your life! 😉

follow me @deetrillz. #figuredrawing #figure #drawing #techniques | Outline  drawings, Art reference poses, Art posesYour body is just the most fabulous creation in your whole world. There some trivia from time to time about it, but many times it is missing the right explanatio for the why.

Little girl wiping mouth with napkin. | eStock PhotoOne of these trivia is about the amount that your body produce for spitting, which is estimated by 140,000 litres in one lifetime. Do you know why?

“Of course, there is a good reason,” bc your body amazinly defends itself againt being disgusted by anything. For example, if you some poop on the road while 220 Wiping His Mouth Images, Stock Photos & Vectors | Shutterstocktaking a walk, most probably when you feel disgusted, your saliva is instantly produced in your mouth in order to spit it out along with your disgust feeling.

And not only that, for if you challenge your body and swallowed that spit, your tummy will feel sick and achy. Therefore, it is better for you to use a tissue and to spit out that saliva protecting your stomach. (You can’t depend only in your body defense system all the time, try to help, right? 🙂

Oh, almost forgot that spitting in some countries is illegal, do they know its benefits? tl-1-scaled-e1601648576196

Shooting a teacher by an elementary school student (6 yrs old) is not a good reason for raising the sub-teacher benefits/earnings, really? Ironically, there is acute shortage of both subs and teachers, why?

A nice actor is in the hospital due to being crushed by some machine in a snow area, why did he go to the snow in spite of major warnings?

More health trivia will bring you some cheerfulness in your next post.

Until we chat again, enjoy yourself today, with our hugs and kisses ❤

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