Only 4-Days Work-Week!

Could a four-day work week ever become a reality?Who will ever unwelcome a 4-day workweek? A revolutionary reaction from every state in the US. The huge story that interests everyone and every family has become a prevailing talk among people.

Think about it, the majority are employees and most of them live under harsh living conditions (not including the Federal or the State employees) and are unable to balance between recent life demands and their work.

Maryland is the leader this time, instead of NY or CA but both of them embrace this peculiar decision since it will serve everyone’s benefits: poor or rich will be better with this system.

The 4-Day Work Week: What it Means for Employees & CompaniesThis trend has already started globally in different countries which are smart enough to see the tremendous potential benefits that could be achieved while at the same time pleasing and relieving people. As if saying to the legilators: “Give them a break!” But it is not bc employees tend to produce more when they have Four-day-weekend GIFs - Get the best GIF on GIPHYbalance in their lives.

Soon you’ll see who is next in applying this smart system. Perhaps CA will be next. It is a huge step to take, and the sooner the better, what do you think?

Until we chat again, expect better days to come, with our hugs and kisses ❤

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