Homeless in Coldness!

It is critical to rescue your humans before outer ones! 

DeadHomelssDo you leave your dog in the snow, the frost, the heavy rain, or the blizzard, or others? Without drink, food, blanket, without a roof over its head?

Definitely you don’t. Why? Because this is unmercy and unacceptable to risk the life of a dogm&r. It is just a poor animal does not know what to do in dangerous situations. It can’t call 911 or say “Help” or go anywhere without you.

Does it make sense so far?

How about a human? A person like you? The Creator created him the way He created you: a head, a body, arms & legs.

Why – The Brisben CenterThen, why are you ready to have this human to death? What else do you think it will happen to him if he has no roof and coldness temprature is under 25º?

Do you know that in LA the number passed 70,000 homeless?

Over 70,000 homeless in coldness!

Only in one city, and this number can make a city by itself. How many of them will survive? Hundreds of homeless die bc of coldness in winter and of heat in summer.

Homeless people cartoon style Royalty Free Vector ImageThink of a solution if you have the money and the tools pls help these souls: they can be your army or your factory; they can be a lot of things. Just reach out to them and let them feel that humans should not be left behind to die.

More News:
. Seals are happy playing in the snow.
. Electricity is down due to the weather.

. You can email us: sam@1zumba.com
. Quick cabins for homeless people should be provided instead of being dehumanized.

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