Never Goes Away!

Pharma products mostly have warnings for fatal side effects, be smart! 😉

Well, why are you surprised when you find some people are just hypnotized by the Media? You really do not understand if the media intentionally hurt people or that it is unable to see the harm they do to the brains of everyone except few?Jody Day … ‘You feel as if you’re stuck in this tunnel.’

A proven dangerous pharma product is discovered to be harmful for females after been used for over 30yrs. Being in the market for 30 yrs does not mean that it is safe product, since the cases were investigated and tested and proved to be not only harmful but also some died taked it.

‘The desire to have a child never goes away’: how ,,,more

Big Pharma's top advertisersWhy is there an argument against facts? Who is going to pay for this? You don’t trust your courts which are run by capable judges? There is no gains for judges to pass any law to prevent this product, unless it is truly fatal to be taken. There are other products in the market, but when any of them will be proven dangerous, the judges will promptly pass another order to prevent them, this seems to be the right way to handle similar situations, what do you think?

You are not allowed to kill yourself, and judges are obliged to protect you from bad pharma. They can’t ignore the labs analysis and results.

And you, ladies, who were not able to be pregnant, why don’t you speak up and tell other females how lucky and blessed they are to be able to have their own babies?

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