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Speaker Woman Vector. Business Woman, Politician Giving Speech. Rostrum. Candidate. Isolated Flat Cartoon Character IllustrationYou are looking for an answer about what to do regarding how to deal with a bad-faith auto-insurance company situation, where the accident took place in a state where you didn’t live, and the company denied you all coverage cheating and wanting not to pay you for anything.

The policy purchase was done in CA years ago and you’ve been a good customer and a good driver; however, the company claimed that your policy was changed while you didn’t change anything to the best of your knowledge.

There is a time limitation for filing a case against this company. While attornies in CA say because it was an accident out of state so they can’t act in your behalf; the other state attornies claimed that since you bought your insurance policy in CA, you should file your case against that company in CA.

AttorneyYou got lost between both teams. You are tired of asking lawyers opinions. Is there anyone who can give a correct answer for this quest?

Your question is now out there for any attorney whose practice inculde “Bad-Faith Auto-Insurance company”; maybe you will be lucky enough to get a clear honest response that makes you finally able to deal with your situation.

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