♣ Welcome back friends from everywhere!

Have you seen that guy making Dunkin commercials on TV- Ben Affleck. a real baddy one. He has a good name up This is an imagetill now but now, he is hurting his name, what do you think?

Commercials are either great or terrible. Only? Or they are moderate not good or bad.

Then what makes a commercial good or bad? Things that make sense to the consumer. Bad ones could be related to: repitition, unbalanced technicality, conveying unethical ideas, promoting a bad product, or others.

The good ones might have the quaities of being simple but brilliant, conservative, not overly repeated, respect the consumers’ minds, not having an army of actors or dancers, be to the point, mentally and visually accepted, pleasant in introducing its message, etc..

There must be some evaluation or supervision for commercials but you rarely heard about such entities.

Trending News:
. Another large store is closing in SF n other locations: Nordstrom
. more balloons coming!

Until we chat again, stay safe and be present with us always, with our hugs and kisses ❤

our hugs, & kisses


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