Agroforestry: A Wildfire Solution!

Be moderate in your expectation; things can be different from what you expect! šŸ˜‰ Welcome to your posts dearest friends from: the US, India, Chile, Ecuador, Malaysia, Germany, the UK, Ireland, China, Netherlands, Uruguay, Canada, Turkey,Ā  Australia, Philippines, South Korea, Denmark, Brazil, Bulgaria, Portugal, Italy, Indonesia,Ā  South Africa, Argentina, Kenya, the UAE,Ā  France,Ā  Nigeria,Ā  Ukraine, … More Agroforestry: A Wildfire Solution!

Smoke Continues!

You can only have the honey, if you smoked out the bees! šŸ˜‰ Friends from everywhere: the US, Brazil, Hong Kong, Greece, New Zealand, Canada, Argentina, Iraq, Netherlands, Portugal, Costa Rica, Germany, India, Malaysia, China, Nigeria, Bulgaria, Indonesia, Mauritius, Cameroon, Thailand, Vietnam, Russia,  the UK, Argentina, Egypt, Colombia, Bahrain, Ukraine,  France, Mexico,  Turkey, Finland, American Samoa, … More Smoke Continues!