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Our gratitude for everyone, who is able to keep up with our new news all the time. Our thanks for everyone who is sharing our posts. We had great feedback from our friends everywhere, especially new ones from the US, the UKSpainCanada, GermanyAustraliaItalyBelgiumPortugalGuadeloupe, n Pakistan  😉

Hello everybody! Someone told me that when you are in love, you wouldn’t sleep well; I said how about if you were not in love, but you were in insomnia?! Haha! Joking around, I prefer the first condition for sure 😉


Challenge yourself.

Read in any field! What matters is that you’re reading. Reading is a clue for many things in life. It opens doors for you. It elevates your spirit, and makes you feel alive. My dear 1Zumba friend, thank you for giving me a bit of a sign. I’m still not sure a hundred percent, my guess is that you’re in. You’re doing great, by the way 😉

Reading is similar to talking to people. Basically when you read, you read somebody else’s thoughts. Someone wants to communicate with you, and to share their info, for whatever reason they have. It is enjoyable to be in the mind of someone else, isn’t it? There was a time, when I really wanted to know what was going on inside a brain of a friend, a relative, or others. Wouldn’t it be fun to read minds? It would, but the mystery and magic would be gone. 

The element of mystery is embedded there, and on your side the elements of curiosity and wonder when you try to look for something to read. Each one of us has his/her/hx reasons to read, and may be, just for the sake of knowing what is going on around us in this odd world.

Dear 1Zumba friend, Patty asked us few questions about matters related to  areas in the Real Estate, and we felt very proud to have one of our members start looking into an important subject like this. Real Estate is involved in everyone’s life, since each one of us need a place to live in. Whether this place is a Chattel real, a Condo, or a Cabin, you would still be eager to know some info about how to handle things related to your ownership or leasing, and things related to tax purposes.

Oh, by the way, remember it’s tax time guys!  Anyway, these are the questions, and try to think while reading them about the right answer:

1- Broker Al listed Desi’s house. Desi told the broker that the roof leaked and to tell any prospective buyers it was in need of repairs. Al, in a conversation to Mr. Simple, said the roof did not leak and was in good condition. Simple bought the property and during the rainy season the roof leaked badly. Simple COULD receive damages from:
 both the broker and the seller.
 broker only for over-exercising his authority beyond what the seller had given him.
≅ seller, since he should have told Simple.
none because “caveat emptor ” applies.

– All of the following are used to determine the gain or loss on sale of real property for income tax purposes, except:
        ≅ miscellaneous costs of sale.
        ≅ brokerage commission.
        ≅ purchase price.
        ≅ mortgage payment.
– An advantage of an investment in income property over an investment in shares of stock is:
≅ appreciation.
       ≅ depreciation.
       ≅ income.
       ≅ capital gains.

If you can help Patty and pick the right answer for her, it will be great. If not tomorrow, we will give you the right answers ourselves.

Today is very warm weather, in the Bay Area. Wow, I love this weather, sunny but not hot! Did you go to your 1Zumba classes today? I hope you did some exercise today, coz in this weather, you should move your muscles definitely. 

We hope that we have inspired you today, as you always do for us. Keep emailing us guys, there is no limit whatsoever, the sky is the limit for your emails, as well as for our dreams. Right, coz this 1Zumba Sky 😉

My hugs and kisses for all of you. Stay safe n be cool as always. Remember loving is inspirational, so look for your source of inspiration. Write your comments if you had a few, and I’ll talk to you soon 😉

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