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Dear friends and readers everywhere, thank you for visiting us, n our new visitors from theUK,the USSpain,Belgium,Australia,Portugal,Canada, ItalyGermany, n Guadeloupe  😉

Welcome to our page, and Good Morning to those of you who have morning now. Dear 1Zumba friend, we will expect you to talk to us today, or may be tomorrow. Just remember the sooner the better 😉

Our bulletin today is short and amusing. We’ve looking for the latest news, and we found a lot of similarities in the way the news are set, as if it is only a continuous repetition for events. Monotonous, isn’t it?  Some crashed planes, somebody killed, basketball win, team player injured, etc..

Of course, there is plenty of people who are interested in these events,  but still it is boring to hear this kind of news over and over again. Is there a solution for this? Remember, as I told you before, there is a solution for everything. It’s just a matter of looking around, finding the right path. So if you were watching the news just for being entertained, you would find a million other ways of entertainment. Right?  If you are looking for knowing about investment matters, who needs to wait for the news in the TV, you can get all the news you want about the investment through internet channels or your cell phone apps. True?


In fact, internet has become no. 1, almost in everything. You know longer need a TV as you used to in the past. Of course, sitting with your family, eating popcorn is nice. Family time is always splendid, nothing can replace it, but if you were going to watch TV by yourself, and just for the sake of knowing the world’s news, so you may better have you laptop instead.  Smart brains need smart technologies!

Remember to attend your Zumba classes or your gym. Being in shape is excellent for your body and your mind.  Just to help you save some time, we collected a number of the latest news ready for you to see. Hey, are you ready 1Zumba?


We hope you would like our selection, and until we talk again about very interesting matter for all of us, be safe. Love you 😉


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