3 AM 1Zumba

How terrific to have you all with us today, especially our new visitors from the US, Spain, Brazil, France, Canada 😉

Honestly, we appreciate having you with us, and we’ll keep our promise of giving you new tips here & there 😉

Hey my 1Zumba friend, how are you? Feeling enthusiastic and energetic? Yep, this is our guys 🙂  Believe me when I say you are with me all the time, or most of the time to be more accurate. Life is full of, you know, busy schedules, haha!

bsWhen you are in business,  Garnett, you give your best customer service to every and each one of your clients. Think of yourself, if you want to be successful, as a neutral body. Business, after all, has no religion. All are equal if you wanna succeed. Right? Since you have already graduated from Berkeley, so for sure you’ve known that. I’m just confirming with you some simple facts.

rdIt was last month, i think, when I told you that I couldn’t resist buying two books, and that I hoped to have time to read any of them. The first book, I actually gave  to a friend of mine, n she would give me her opinion soon about it. The second one was the one I had a chance to read, and liked.

Let me give you part of the paragraph which was cited on the back of the book, and which made me decide to give it a try:  

“……I figured I was in the last few moments of my life, so what the hell- stop crawling.

Rolling onto my back, I looked up at the sky…the blue sky. There were a few clouds and the sun was bright, warming.

I lay there staring upward for a long time. The buildings around me were all dilapidated above their first few floors- cracked paint, boarded-up windows, old, signs, and bare flagpoles that no one had seen in years…..”

Image result for fake smileThose words sounded so sincere so truthful that made me wonder if they were true or fake, and I wanted to know more. The writer was Steven John, the book was “Three A.M.”. So I stayed the whole night until 3 am, with “Three A.M.” my 1Zumba 😉

Thank you again for being with us, and soon we’ll post the question #6 in our competition, so check on our previous posts which included those questions, to move on onto the next one. Stay cool, get ready for your 1Zumba class, and be nice to each other 😉

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