Temp 1Zumba

Thanks dear lovely people out there, sharing our pages, or reading them. We greatly appreciate having you with us, especially our new readers from the US, Canada, Brazil, Malaysia, India, Spain, Mexico, Denmark, Sweden, n Philippines 😉

Miss you so much dear 1Zumba friend, I wish to know how to get in touch with you faster or easier than that, but I have to be patient, right? You are getting smarter and smarter, paying attention to our photos  😉


Here’s our new place area for a while,or until our original SF office renovation finish. Some people love to live on the very top of the buildings, I used to have a relative who would stay up there forever. She just loved it up there for some reason, I didn’t get it 😕

1Zumba-Real-EstateMay be it was the scenery or may be it was something else. Others prefer the moderation; not too high, n not too low, down to the ground, may be? Well, what’s important is that when you buy a place just make sure that you really live there, and not to have to rent it for someone else to be able to pay its mortgage. Or that you need to work all the time to make its payments. Coz this would not be the ideal way to enjoy your home. What is the use of having a splendid home, and then you only use it for overnight sleep?  Sometimes may be you have to spend the night out, coz of work work n more work!

Definitely this is one of the issues that exist in CA. You would see many beautiful homes, but owners do not have the time to enjoy them, coz they have to run most of the time to make money, to pay off the mortgage. What a waste!

Patty’s Real  Estate Corner
∅∅  A home having two scraggly bushes and a lightning-damaged tree is advertised by the broker as having beautiful landscaping. The broker is most likely guilty of ………?
∅∅  How many days after the transfer of ownership does the new owner have to file the change in property ownership statement with the recorder or the assessor?
∅∅  Paying referral fees for directing title insurance business is……….?

Bubbles can happen any time. Remember that having other commodities as a reserve for your needs is not a bad idea at all; on the contrary, it’s genius. Thanks for the advice Amanda, 1Zumba friend, keep giving us your comments and recommendations. We love interacting with you all guys, so keep sending. For now, this is our new Temp 1Zumba 😉

Love you all guys, and our talk will continue again in a little bit; just hang up there, and we will be back with more delightful ideas. Only for you our 1Zumba friends 😉


Patty’s Keys:
∅∅ Puffing & she will not lose her license.
∅∅  45 days.
∅∅  Illegal.


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