Thanks you our dear readers and friends from the US,  Philippines, , Japan, Australia, Lithuania, n Netherlands  😉

Hey my dear 1Zumba friend, B. Toropov said : “Communication is like a phone number. If you leave one number out, the call will not go through”, do you see what he meant? I know that you can read between the lines, so all your conclusions could be true 😉

Sometimes, You Need to Get Rid of Extras:

Do not feel bad; we  are doing exactly the same like you, my 1Zumba friend, at one point of our lives. This happens to all of us. Under certain circumstances you would need to get rid of dear items you kept just for the sake of good memories. When this happens, n you don’t have any choices, your first best solution is to find friends who can keep or use these items.

Sometimes, Your 2nd Option is Donations:

It’s very normal. Don’t we all do that sometimes due to many out-of-our hands reasons? Here comes donation, which is your 2nd options for your dear things. Goodwill is a good place as a starter. But after you’re done with this part, it will remain the hardest one, why wasn’t I able to keep everything I like? Well, you could have kept all your items, but you would have felt that you are carrying a heavy load on your back!

Sometimes, You Can Have a Garage Sale:

Many busy people do the same, you’re certainly not the only one doing that. It can certainly save you the time and the trips you’re going to make back & forth between your place and the closest donation spot, and get you few bucks into your pocket. So it is not bad idea at all to sell everything extra you have at one time. It depends on your neighborhood, if it would work out for you 😀

I bet you would be waiting for our next post, coz it would have one question for our competition, so until then, communicate, let us hear from you, you have plenty of ways, or plenty of 1Zumba Tricks


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