1Zumba, An Exclusive With NCIS- DiNoZZo!

We love you all: our current readers, and our new friends from the US, Lithuania, Australia, Canada, Belgium, n Kuwait 😉

I try to reply for most of your comments, and I answered privately your questions, when you asked not to be published, to your provided email addresses  😉

Thank you dear followers and readers, we appreciate your time!

I feel that you read every word I write. May be it’s true, or untrue. It’s seldom that I have incorrect impressions, or false ones, so I’ll just embrace the notion that exists in my mind, which is that you are so keen to read my words, coz you want to read my mind. Is it my world of fantasy, or is it true? It doesn’t matter, coz it makes me feel happy, and since I’m not hurting anyone, I’ll stick to it. It’s so igniting at moments 😉

DiNOzI will talk to you briefly today, since I get busy with one of the most interesting researches. It’s about The character of Anthony DiNozzo – NCIS, Michael Weatherly. “Weatherly is turning in his badge and gun. In honor of his final episode, which aired Tuesday, May 17 on CBS, Parade.com has compiled a photo gallery looking back at this very special agent through the years.”

I wonder if M. Weatherly would be interested in 1Zumba or not?  Plenty of other questions I wonder about as well. OK then. Let me give you part of an interview done with Michael:

“The idea of playing a character this long had never occurred to me,” he says. “But I will say on the good side of the pros and cons column, I always have to have pros, which is Tony DiNozzo got to chase bad guys, run and jump and swim and fire his gun and do all kinds of crazy action stuff over the years, including giving Mark Harmon mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.”

“I took one other thing that I am not allowed to say what it is, but I took one secret thing from the set that I’ll keep with me,” he told Parade.com. “That’ll be a thing that makes me laugh every time I look at it. It’s a small memento but I can’t share it with you just because I don’t want to get anyone in trouble.”

We will have more with DiNozzo, since we are all fans of his. Good luck in everything you do in the future Michael 😀

Dear 1Zumba friends, we have to go now, to catch up with our special events for the day, but within few hours will be back with you again. So until then here’s my big hug. Stay cool, & take good care of yourself 😉

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