1Zumba Philippines²

My dear friends and readers from everywhere, it is a bless to have you all with  us. Having all of you with me is an enormous pleasure, I can’t describe to you how much you mean to me, especially our new visitors from the US, India, Kuwait, Philippines, Canada, & Australia 😉


I love you all very much. This comes from the bottom of my heart to express my gratitude for each one who takes the time in reading my posts, sharing, giving comments, or taking any part one way or the other 😉

Now, we have a very interesting interview with one of our 1ZumbaCircles Group friends and members on Facebook, Madeline Alim Samiana. Here’s what she said:

1. How would you introduce yourself to our readers?

I’m Madeline from The Philippines.

2.What events you like to participate in?

I want to participate in 1Zumba contest.

3.What’s ur message to us?

I just do 1Zumba everyday!


4. How do you fight stress?

go out w/ friends to fight stress

5. What is your favorite color?Yellow is my favorite color..

6.Your daily routine?

My daily routine going to mall everyday to dance 1Zumba.

7. Any fitness exercises?

Love to dance..

8. What do you wish to see?

I wish to see my friends all over the world.

We are very thankful for
Madeline Alim Samiana having her with us today, in this brief interview. We all wish her all the best in her future plans, wishing that it would come true.

Let’s then take a break, & come back again to you, with something new. Until then, here is my hug ❤ 😳

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