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Hi everyone! Welcome to our 1Zumba! Indeed, it’s a pleasure to chat with you as usual. Today it’s a bit cloudy here, but still we enjoy that kind of weather, not hot not cold. It’s a bit quite as normal when approaching a weekend. 🙂

Our special thanks for everyone of you who keep following up with our news; especially our new friends from the US, Australia, Canada, Myanmar (Burma), n Paraguay 😉

Dear 1Zumba friend, sometimes it’s hard to choose between two, coz both of them are friends, and some kind of conflict of interest has just appeared to you. I do understand that, and I know how difficult it is to be in such situation. But the best thing to do, in this case, is not to choose. Just let it be chosen by them. 😮

Our Question number 22 for our competition today is as follows: ❓


This interview is taken via FB 1ZumbaCircles messages. It was a pleasure to chat with Maricela Perez.

It was originally in Spanish, & translated into English in editing. We thank Maricela Perez for sharing her interests and stories with us, and we wish her all the best in her endeavor for getting her professional life goes on the way she wanted
S: Would you like to have an interview with us? = ¿Le gustaría tener una entrevista con nosotros?

Where do you live? = ¿Dónde vives?
Where is that? = ¿Donde es eso?
Do your work? = ¿Haz tu trabajo?
I don’t understand her

We make great short interviews, do you want to have one with us? We had many interviews translated before.

Yes, I do a lot of  traveling, I’m on the road right now.
Do you have a job now?

Something like that. When i’m active in our group, you can give me your certificate.
I work at one gym classes where I cover my friend X O God would love

Great! how many hours per week?

And I could not get certified increasingly have the quantity  me something unexpected occurs

It’s easy to get our certificate, if instructions are followed.
My hours of work per week are about 10, In the morning and afternoon xla.

How many students in the class?
10 it depends, From 15 to 12.
What is your dream?
Huuuuuu be professional instructor, Be ZIN get certified as my instructor, She called CRISTINA GONZALEZ.

What is your favorite color?
You’re a strong person?
I like the bright colors, me very strong not.

I mean strong in the study, Choose a color
Ok red.

Hi , fitness, I liked it very much. I have worked in it,  only I could not get certified coz of  lack of budget.But I have a Super instructor that given me the opportunity to work with her as she leaves a lot and I give I take care of her classes. 

How would you introduce yourself to our readers?
What events you like to Participate in?
Where do you see yourself in five years from now?
What is your daily routine?
How far you can go With Your fitness exercises?
What do you wish to see?

Zumba events.
In fitness with more professional status.
My routine every day and ending Aug buzzes.
I see myself as a professional instructor.
For my instructor and my students say q’m good.
 And I hope to see the great teacher Beto Perez

Great! So you want to learn English? In order to get our 1Zumba certificate, it takes a little English.

¡Estupendo! Así pues, usted desea aprender Inglés? Con el fin de obtener nuestro certificado 1Zumba, se necesita un poco de Inglés. 
Now we will need 3 photos to publish with your article. Ahora vamos a necesitar 3 fotos a publicar con tu artículo. 

Do you want us to choose your FB page?       ¿Quieres nosotros para elegir a su página de FB?

We are delighted to have Maricela with us today, and we welcome any feedback from you all. 😆

Let’s chat some more later, probably to answer more of your great questions about our life. So until then, give me your big hug ❤


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