Fool Nobody, 1Zumba!

Thank you for visiting our pages, especially for readers from the US, the UK, Italy, & Croatia ūüėČ

My dear 1Zumba friend, when there is a lot of injustice, when people commit suicide in large numbers, while a limited number of people insist on being the center of attention all the time. When rich eat the poor, and the poor are getting ripped off  in every way.

When ¬†the people’s lives are¬†stolen from them¬†being poor. When they only enjoy¬†few moments ¬†while the rest of their¬†¬†lives is¬†misery, just for the sake of having¬†other greedy ones, get rich ¬†n rich.

When there are people who keep promoting for war, addiction, murder, red, yellow, or black trade, kids’p trade, organs’ trade,¬†few among other vicious things.

When people discover how stupid they were, how they were deceived under false slogans, while other corrupted people are relaxed on the Riviera beach, or shopping ¬†in a Champs-√Člys√©es , buying diamonds, eating caviar, or drinking¬†campaign.

There are consequences!

There is boiling blood , boiling minds, when people discover that they are being treated as suckers coz they trusted a handful of people to be honest and to run the show for them.

But hay hay, who is it you are kidding? They are all thieves, a gang after gang and the poor people are paying all the time. ūüėõ

Give them a break for God’s sake. We were freed from Great Britain, to be enslaved by a gang, one is called the right an one another is called the left, as if we are in a basketball game all the time.

But all is only b*. In reality there is no democracy; there is no justice; there is no prosperity for the normal citizens. It all goes to the people on the top, who managed to be there there by one way or another. And once they are there, they never want to leave those golden chairs.

They forget. They forget that it is not their owns. They cannot own the people. People are paying them to run their business that is all, nothing more.

Image result for No for HillaryMany people do not know that they are the ones who pays the government employees, & entities. The luxury of the White House is all paid from the people’s taxes.

Taxes are taken from the poor people to pay the government, which is doing nothing except getting over-paid. 

The US people are very smart. It’s only a matter of time, and they will wake up. When¬†Reagan¬†was the¬†president, he didn’t need experience to run the country, he was an actor. He did that better than many other said to be qualified for their posts, but in fact they acted terrible, and they earned bad reputation.

We need an honest person, at least with a good reputation to vote for, experience will come having¬†¬†consultation committees that are in the service of the president. Stop selling rotten ideas to the innocent people ūüėē

Nobody would fool the people!

Media! It’s time to tell the people the alternative for not voting at all, in order to seek a real reform.

Thank you for being with us today. Honestly, we always miss chatting with you. Stay tunes, we will be back in a moment. Our hugs & kisses ‚̧


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