Anela, Bosnia & Herzegovina² SuperStar 1Zumba!

I can’t believe it! First, thank you for visiting our words today; especially our friends from the US, Philippines, Spain, n New Zealand. 😉

My dear 1Zumba friend, where are you?  Long time no see you, haha! Just kidding! Probably we’ll see you this week. I hope to find you in the best mood ever 😀

As a beginning, let’s give you two introductory questions:

– How do you like people to see you? In other words, introducing yourself to people, what is the image that you would love that people know you through?

A: Hello, Everybody! At the beginning, I would like to thank my precious Zumba® colleague Tatjana Prigl because she recommended me for this interview. It is an honor to me!  

Let’s say to people who am I and where I come from…I’m Anela Karajic Coralic from Bosanska Krupa, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Bosanska Krupa is a town in the north-western part of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is a small town with wonderful valuable natural resources and very friendly people. Two beautiful rivers, Una and Krusnica, you really need to see one time in your life. Our town has always ”an open door” to everyone who
wants to visit it.

I’m a civil engineer and this is my first job. Zumba® Fitness is my special love, job and favourite hobby, something where I can be completely myself.anel

Photo by Sanja Ezic
If I have to introduce myself to people in a few words, these words describe me the most: independent, conscientious, hard-working, helpful and friendly. I’m always trying to think positively, no matter how hard situation can be. Maybe you cannot change situation, but you can always find something good and learn from it. Sometimes, I’m very impulsive and very emotional person.

– What colors mean in your life?

A: Colors which mean in my life are: purple = the most beautiful color, pink = joy, red = love, green = nature and peace, yellow = sun (light)

Anel1.jpgBosanska Krupa, town in the north-western part of Bosnia and Herzegovina (Una river)

My amazing Zumba® students, photo by Sanja Ezic

– Where did you study engineering?

A: I studied 1st stage of civil engineering on Technical faculty in Bihac, so I’m bachelor of civil engineering. At the moment, I’m studying 2nd stage of civil engineering. Soon, I will be master of civil engineering. Education is very important, so do not miss a chance for education if you have opportunity. I’m very grateful to my parents and other people who believed in me and helped me in acquisition of my career. Now, my husband gives me the biggest support.

– Have you traveled abroad? If yes, where to?

My loving husband, sister & friends, photo by Jasmina Karabegovic

A: Yes, but not enough. I would like to travel more and meet different cultures and people. There is always a problem with lack of time because of commitments. I will mention a few travels…Travel in Spain in high school. During that trip, I visited Italy and France too. Definitely, I was mostly impressed by city Barcelona (Spain).


Also, I participated in Rimini Wellness 2015 in Italy where I could see a lot of different fitness programs, but my biggest interest was Zumba® Fitness of course. I had a chance to meet and learn from many Zumba® Education Specialists and from our Boss, Mr. Alberto (Beto) Perez, whom I truly admire. He is a real example if you want to succeed, you need to have a big wish and work hard. Excellent experience, I met a lot of Zumba® colleagues from different countries in the world.

My husband and I visited Albania this year. Great trip, this country is ‘’growing’’, it has a high potential for tourism development. I would like to visit USA and Russia one day.

Have you seen why I can’t believe it! All the beauty in these pictures, the people and the nature. We still have some more. Our interview with Anela haven’t finished yet. It has a continuation, for its length.

Enjoy  another special  1Zumba SuperStar from Bosnia & Herzegovina. We express our deep appreciation for Anela, with her great sharing, and pls feel free to comment, or send your suggestions to us.

Until then, here’s our kisses & hugs for all of you. ❤

[To Be continued]

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