A Leakage or A Fake?

It’s even better than what we expected! To have you all with us, a day after day, thank you friends and readers from the US, Brazil, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Philippines, Vietnam, the UK, n Spain 😉

One of my neighbors came running to my car,   complaining of a terrible smell that he Image result for neighbor is talking to a neighborhad in his home, and he didn’t know its source, and that made him panicked.

We thought it could have been a gas leakage, but it wouldn’t have a bad smell, so anyway, we told him if he had suspicions of gas, he better call the energy company. Then we continued in our way to the gym.

I felt bad that I was in a rush with my friend to get to our fitness class, in the gym. Amanda was so excited, it was her first time with me, and she was looking for using the fitness dancing in losing weight, which I encourage her to do. Gaining weight is not good for your health, when you do not exercise or do any physical activity.

I’ve been talking to her about our classes for more than three months, and every time, Image result for exerciseshe decided to come with me, something came up, and we never did it. Yesterday she called me asking me about the classes, I confirmed with her that she was welcome to join me; I actually have 10 free invitations on my membership. It’s complimentary for few guests.

In the meantime, I hoped that she wouldn’t call me the last moment telling me that something came up, and that she wasn’t going to be able to go with me. Image result for exerciseI explained to her the whole routine I do on Thurs, coz I attend two classes one of them is Grit for 30 min, then a 1Zumba class for 60 min.

She asked me about the instructors of course, and    I showed her on my FB all the instructors I like, and what they do in the class, and  how simple everything is going to be.

Also, I added that whenever she feels tired or out of breath, she could have a breather. It’s not mandatory to do all the moves, if she was not comfortable with any of them. She was so happy, excited and had Image result for exerciseher best work-out gear on. She bought a very special sports shoes especially for that occasion.

Amanda has medium length hair, so kept asking how should she have her hair done, should she just keep it all up with hair pins or a pony tail would be better. OMG! I felt as if she went back for being a kid; she acted as if she was no longer an adult.

In spite of everything that was going on while we were in our way to the fitness class, my mind was still busy with Don – my neighbor- should I call him just to make sure that everything went OK with him, or should I wait until we go back and check on him then? You know this kind of thoughts when they play in your mind, and interrupt your normal stream of thinking. 

Finally we were there, parked the car easily which didn’t happen in a long time, and got
out of the car quickly, getting into the reception and signing in. Then guess what? The receptionist, who knew me, had that ‘sorry’ expression written on all over his face, so I asked: “What’s wrong? Image result for ceiling leakageAnything wrong?” He answered: “Sophie, so sorry! Today the group classes were canceled-all of it, and if you want to go to any other location instead, I know you can. Sorry again for any inconvenience, looking at my guest and apologizing to Amanda as well. 😮

It was a huge surprise for me. Of course there was all other gym tools and machines that we could use, so there was not such a big deal, but our primary goal was the group classes. Out of curiosity, I asked: “Why? Why were the classes canceled?” He said: “There has been a leakage in the ceiling of the class, coming from external sources! Wow! We left a leakage at home, to come to another leakage in the gym, but we actually didn’t know about the first one whether it was a real leakage or a fake one.

Until we know that, here’s our hugs & kisses ❤




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