Ignominious, Got It?

Is that all? Be patient! With us, there’s always more. First, It’s a unique day, welcome everyone, to our beautiful new post: the US, Germany, Greece, Israel, Ireland, Australia, the UK, n Guatemala 😉

This is the second time, I’ll write this, and I’m somehow unhappy about whether I’d be able to write it again the same exact way I wrote it the first time, or not. My advice is Image result for vegas swimsave your work, once you write it. 

Vegas, Las Vegas, Sweet Las Vegas!
Vegas, the city that doesn’t sleep.  I love Las Vegas when it is in its best shape  of the year, in the New Year.

Few do not like to  go to Vegas. Obviously for reasons of not wanting to gamble or they haven’t been impressed by that Image result for vegas swimcity to the extent that they would wish to go and see the magic that they have there.

My niece came back from Vegas last week. Of course she kept talking  about the hotel, the service, the hospitality, the music, the suit, the shopping, the wide smile she had everywhere. Most of all, she talked about her experience in the pool. 😕

Paula went to Vegas and it wasn’t her first time to be impressed that much. She went to Vegas several times before, but she nonstop talked about the cuisine, the luxury, the unbelievable swimming pool, which had its own bar.

So what? I’ve been to one like that before. What’s the big deal then. “It’s about that Image result for vegas bar in the swimming pool
trainer.” Paula said. “What trainer?” I turned to her.

“The one they had his head-shot everywhere in the hotel. I fell in love with him even before meeting him.” “Did you meet him?”, I asked eagerly.

Related image“Oh, yeh, I did. But wait a minute, let me tell you first what happened to me”. 
“What?”, that was me again.

Every time I went to the pool to see that swim trainer,  I couldn’t see him, he’s always somewhere, busy all the time. You know his picture had that crazy hair so soft brownish blond, with blue eyes, and you know how I go for blue eyes, his tanned complexion. 😮

“They mad him look like a fairy tale’s hero or something. I asked few times about him, then I had to Related imageenroll in one of his lessons just to be able to see him in person.

“So then what?”

“Oh! The big surprise happened.On that day, I was shaking, and when I saw him, I introduced my self, and then. Oh! I couldn’t believe my eyes. I didn’t think that they would allow that in big hotels, not even in small ones, especially there in that prestigious hotel. Of course in some night clubs, and other shows, they had that kind of swimwear. But that one was unbelievably ignominious!”

You got it, of course you do, if not, go to our reference links, you’d know exactly what she talked about. 😛

Now, I need to tell you a little bit of what happened with that “Bluff” guy. Obviously the man hid his hand behind his back when that expecting mother came in. He didn’t hurt her or her son. He let them go, which I was very thankful for.They were both safe.

I wondered if that lady realized the situation I was in or not,but I didn’t think that in 6e469-youre-lying-body-language-that-gives-liars-away-mainphotoher situation, even if she  noticed what was going on, she would get herself involved into that at that time. I don’t blame her!

Being silent for a moment was good to give the guy a chance to talk, then I would pick on that stream and build my dialogue based on whatever he would say, that was my strategy at that time.

I told myself, I should focus seriously on that situation, or else I would spend the evening with that weirdo in that class.

After few moments, he held that needle up, saying: “That was the needle that ended up my best friend’s life”.  Huh! So that was it. His best friend died and he was in a shock, and wanted someone to burst out into her/him the anger he had inside of him, having lost his best friend. Oh, poor guy. But what that had to do with me? 

His friend was a student of mine, and he wanted me to know about that. Was that it? More questions started popping up into my head, while I was looking at him, and tired of the whole situation, but still so worried about what he wanted from me. That was the unknown part.

I’ll talk to my niece for few moments, and come back to you, to give your more details about “Bluff”, and about something new. Remember to check on your missed posts; I assure you, you’ll find it there.

Hugs, love, n kisses ❤

References for Vegas:

– Men’s swim costume, how they came long way to Vegas

Lace swimwear


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