Wisely or crazy, no matter how your usage is, you’re given a limited period of time to live on our Earth. First, welcome dear friends to our page, we’re so thrilled to have you all tonight, from the US, Australia, Latvia, the UK, Pakistan, Spain, Ukraine, Canada, Turkey, Brazil, Croatia, Czech Republic, Portugal, Denmark, n Myanmar (Burma) 😉

When we were kids, there were few kids, who enjoy hunting butterflies, or ladybugs under a cup or a Image result for catching a butterfly by a jarjar. They would keep watching whatever they caught, until it no longer moved. Then they would let go at that point if it was alive.

I never thought about it before as a method of entertainment, my understanding for that concept was not developed yet. At that time, I only thought that it was cruel, harsh, and  a torture for an innocent helpless small creatures. I felt sorry, uncomfortable, but I didn’t interfere.

Now, I’m thinking that it is actually similar to hunting birds or animals. The same chase is when shooting them,  getting rid of their bodies, or giving them to the dogs to eat. Isn’t it? It’s all about the chase. Chasing another creature, capturing it, then releasing it, or getting rid of it.

If this is something enjoyable to humans, why don’t we use this theory in making flying-toysmoving toys such as butterflies or ladybirds; I mean flying toys actually. Then the kids would try to capture them with a jar-like device. In this way, the nature will not be Image result for daycareaffected, and the kids will get their enjoyment and training in capturing things.💡

It’s just a new idea I thought of, coz I know that there were plenty of plastic tools for kids to capture butterflies or fish by nets, or other methods, so it was only about the tools to hunt with, but it was not about the captured creatures at all. If anyone is capable of understating what I have just explained and able to apply it in real, pls let me know, that it could exist, to start buying it for the kids in the daycare or kindergarten schools.

My son many times told me not to include him in my plans; and I lately do not, but he Image result for changed my mindwould sometimes comes to me, asking if I was free during the day, to do something together, and I reminded him that he asked me not to include him in my plans. He would look at me and smile! As if he wanted to change that rule he came up with in the first place. 🙄

“Not in the mood, Oh yeh, why? Coz my baby is going to be a grown up soon, and will ask me to live by herself.” Carol was talking to us during our staff meeting.  Jeff answered her, it was the same case for him last year, when his daughter started dating. It’s life, we should move Image result for restaurant meetingon, but it is hard for us. It involves a lot of nice emotions, that we want to keep that way. 😛

Jerry and Kerry were laughing, and suggested to have lunch in a special restaurant downtown. We had the most wonderful time, laughing, and chatting. It was great; I thought that we all needed a change of the rhythm for one reason or the other. The stress of life has become so huge for many of us. And if you didn’t get a vent out somehow somewhere, you’d end up regretting being so focused on business, without having some fun, or you’d be gone nuts.

Life is too short to be wasted. Think about it. I always repeat this phrase to my family, friends, students, readers, colleagues, or to everyone I know. Life moves too fast, we wouldn’t pay attention to that until later on.

With our love, hugs, & kisses, until we chat some more ❤

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