Tricking You?

Summer day, that is how it is here today. Welcome dear friends, and Happy Birthday for everyone who is born today.

For our friends and readers from the US, Morocco, India, n Germany, we give our special greetings.

We’ll speak briefly about a question we were asked, by a young man, who is one of our 1Zumba friends, and who is having a certain problematic situation related to pornography.

First, let’s define what pornography is. It’s sexually explicit material intended to sexually arouse. Today porn is reachable at the click of a button by anyone with an Internet connection, though it also comes in the forms of literature, audio, magazines, and more.08disruptioins-master1050

Many people do not like to talk about sexual materials, as we all know, but for the sake of answering some important questions, we cannot just turn our head the other way, and ignore some of the real situations that take place in our lives.

I remember that one day when I was in my early adolescence, I was watching a movie with my brother, and it had a lot of nudity but it was action movie, and my dad came in turned it off for us, saying to my brother: “You shouldn’t have been watching this with your sister”, as if he was saying to him, it was ok to watch but by himself. I never commented or said anything. I was so young at that time, and my dad was right we shouldn’t had watched that creepy movie at all. That is a good reason for parental supervision all the time when you have children.

Anyway, there are people who become addict to pornography, and they can’t have one Image result for pornographyday without it, which is a dilemma and disgusting, but they need to overcome their weaknesses and start a new page. I guess it is easy said, rather than done.

The bright part is that there is many programs which handle this kind of problem very well, and all you need to do is to reach out to your community resources, and you will find plenty of help. You are not the first one to have this kind of issue. Many people were able to go back to their normal life.

One of the solutions, is to keep yourself busy with fruitful work. Try to trick your mind, instead of letting your mind tricking you!

Love you all, guys. Stay tuned on, and flip over our pages, and look for what you’ve already missed. There’s always new ideas to inspire you.

With our hugs, and kisses



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