Upgrade Your Nuts!

You are radiant my friends, and you make me the same like you, the way you are. Thank you for being here from everywhere: The US, New Zealand, Hungary, Vietnam, Germany, and The United Arab Emirates 😉

When it rains, it pours! This is how it is right now in Walnut Creek, CA. It’s all good, it hasn’t been raining like this for a long time.

Do they banter with the barista, cackle with the cab driver, warble with the waiter–Image result for banter with the baristaor ignore them or treat them like crap?

Asking these questions to yourself about your partner would give you many clues for her/his personality. You would be able to some degree to see if there’s a chance to live with a person like this or not.

There’s plenty of other characteristics to consider definitely, but it’s another topic for another day. Today we will examine thinking. Your thinking! 

Your memories are not all true: Some scientists prove that our recollection of old Image result for untrue memoriesevents that happened to us, could be untrue.

The more you try to remember it accurately, the more altered it would become, but not in all cases. Still you cannot depend completely on them, coz they could be biased.
Level of brain’s exhaustion can affect the way we think: You can’t do everything at once. Nutrition element can affect your choices, and the timing of your meals play a role too.
Perfectionists prove to be stronger than others. The reason is that their brain is Image result for perfectionistalways in search of what they could have done better.
Dreamers are great in creativity levels. The brain gets more innovative when it has that element of daydreaming, which is opposite to what many of us have learned.
The examination of your mental and emotional processes is the key not intelligence nor experience. You have the Image result for bright looktools in your brain, but you need to know which one you need to use for a certain process to be successful.

Say you are smart and experienced but you didn’t choose the right tool because you lack introspection, then the percentage of success will not be higher as someone’s else who took some time to do that.

There’s plenty of suggestions online to develop your way of thinking, assuming that your current way of thinking is not updated to its highest level of performance. Here’s an example for one  advice:

Tap your emotions. Our conscious thoughts are only a fraction of what’s going on in our brains. At any given moment, the unconscious is taking in vast amounts of information that we’re not even aware of and processing it all very quickly. Based on its conclusions, the brain generates emotions. So don’t disregard that subtle feeling telling you to avoid the salmon special. Your personal supercomputer is trying to tell you something.

I would add that when we want to think clearly, we need to be relaxed, or not under pressure. This is one assumption though. There’re individuals who would perform their best when they are under a lot of pressure. Their creativity and innovative mood wouldn’t pop up unless they are extremely pressed. How about that?

Oh! When someone says to you: “I know where you’re coming from”, it doesn’t mean your origin or city or country, it simply means: I understand your viewpoint. This is an answer for M.N., our friend from Mexico.

Back to our thinking and how we should continuously update it, Gary shouted at his wife: “I’m not thinking any more. You’re driving me nuts!” She smiled n responded calmly: “Honey, why don’t you upgrade your nuts?”

Shall we take a break? I guess so.

Hugs and kisses for everyone ❤

. Think better.
 You can get there.

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