Missing Who?

Enjoy life dear friends, no matter how deep your pain is, it’s our destiny, so welcome to all of you everywhere, from the US, New Zealand, Spain, Argentina, n Uganda 😉

I know that sometimes we are in a hurry, so much in a hurry that we can’t see what’s going on around us. And when we do this, later on we regret the moments that we were not there around the people whom we like to be with. Always, give priority to people; especially those who make you happy, confident, fresh, and Image result for two women talking in officeappreciate everything you say or you do.

Helen, an old colleague from another school, came to visit my office today for the first time.

I looked into her eyes, I saw an ocean of sorrow, a sorrow that she didn’t speak about, but lived there right in her pupils.

I wanted to open a door for her to talk, but she did not, until after having our early
dinner in an elegant restaurant, downtown San Francisco. dineHelen did not cry, but her heart was wailing. Her breath sank in heavy grief.

When she finally broke down her silence, it was like a volcano burst in the whole place. She said that for the last two months, she and her husband were looking for their son everywhere, and they couldn’t find him. 

Their son is not a kid or a youth, he is a very decent man; athlete and served in the Related imageArmy. That came like a complete shock for me. I could not believe it. I just couldn’t. That was the last thing I could ever imagine.

Helen kept blaming herself, her husband that they didn’t contacting their son on a regular basis. That in itself is a torture. Every single day passed by, they thought that it was a nightmare, and that their son would be home.

Days after days, and they saved no effort in looking for him everywhere they thought that they could find him there. Nobody knew what happened to him, even the police.

That brought to my mind the pictures of all missing persons, that I saw on TV, and those in some stores on the walls. It’s so depressing, and so agonizing 😥

Please pay attention. Check on your children- young or adults – on your parents- young or seniors. It’s important to exercise caution. We do not know why people disappear. Under mysterious circumstances some healthy people vanish.

We’ll talk some more in a little bit!

Until then, here’s our hugs n kisses ❤


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