Need To Hit!

May be, or may be not! “Maybe-s” would keep you away from success. Dare to do it without fear. Welcome our dear friends from everywhere: The US, Spain, n New Zealand 😉

Should we always have some doubts about things we pursue? In other words, Image result for Russian golf player swingshould we  not be so confident that we would get it, until we really do?

Well, you think this is what you’re going to do from now on. Oh! Then you thought you’ve already told yourself that before, but your hopes ultimately went higher than what they were set to be. What was your best solution then?

Ordinary people seek entertainment. Extraordinary people seek education and learning. When you want to become the best at what you do, you never stop learning. You never stop improving and honing your skills and knowledge.

Your unparalleled preparation is what gives you power. No one else is willing to pay the price you’ve paid.

It’s tiring but sometimes enjoyable to have challenges and to overcome them. It brings temporary satisfaction, but it is never enough for some people- the extraordinary ones, are you this kind of person?

You don’t have to be. If you’re enjoying being among the audience, it is OK. There is Image result for Russian golf player swingnothing wrong in that. It is not meant for everyone to be on the top of their trade. Do not beat yourself up. There is plenty of other roles you can play.

However, if you are the unsatisfied person, the unique mind, the original one, we would congratulate you for that. 

There is a number of qualities, if you own them, you would be one of these elite:

. You are a serious person, it does not mean that you don’t take time for entertainment.
. You’re hard on yourself, you make your own schedule, and you stick to it.
Image result for Russian golf player swing.  You take the time to learn, and you add to your skills every single day. Nobody rewards you for this, except your inner self.
. Money, power, or other external factors do not mean a lot for you; your driven from the inside, which makes you unstoppable.
. Competing with others is not what you’re after, you’re competing with higher standards you built for yourself, which makes others want to compete with you. You become their model.
. You’re hard to be satisfied, coz there’s always something higher in performance Image result for Russian golf player swingfor you.
. You’re confident in your decision, because you know they were built on a realistic factors after you did the right study.

Now, ask yourself, am I the one, the unique one or am I among the followers? There’s nothing wrong in being a follower. It’s perfectly great, the only unwanted thing is that you don’t know which one you are. You need to hit not to keep swinging 🙄

Let’s chat some more in a little bit, so keep checking on our topics list, send your comments, questions, or any other.

Until then, here’s our hugs n kisses ❤

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