Are You This Person⇑?

Oh! This is crazy! First welcome to our pages, friends and readers from the US, Romania, & Turkey 😉

I think today the only one question we ask you is: are you this person?

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Are you or will you be this crazy person who would try to do unusual things just for the sake of being known among others?

If the answer is yes. You’re lucky, coz there are too many places which will offer you everything you need in order to experiment with your great daring abilities, but keep in mind that, everything has its price!

Fishers and related fishing workers | Peter Muller/Getty ImagesAircraft pilots and flight engineers | James Lauritz/Getty Images

Many jobs in the US have high risk of getting injured while working; such as: fishers and their workers, logging workers where they trim the trees or cut them down, pilots, farmers, rangers, and stunt players. 

Structural iron and steel workers | sasintipchai/Getty ImagesLogging workers | Noah Clayton/Getty Images

There’s more. These are just few examples of the risky jobs. You will get paid very generously, although you will be threatened of getting injured all the time you work.

It’s exactly the same like the soldier in the battlefield, where s/he is exposed to death all the time, but may be her/his pay is not as good as other jobs. Mostly, it is patriotic rather than anything else, or so they say 😛

This is all different from being crazy and doing things just for the fun of challenging death, and getting fame in the world we live, similar to those guys who climb the mountains, or walk on a line between two skyscrapers.

If you’re crazy and you are ready to work risky jobs, that pay you handsomely well, where you’d enjoy the deep seas, you can go to this link, to become a professional diver.

There is plenty of other cute jobs but very dangerous. Think about it, you would rather make some good money, even if people thought that you’re crazy?

Let’s talk some more, after checking on our previous posts, for some editing.

Stay cool, with our love and hugs ❤

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