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You listen to your customers and you never argue with them, not for their own sake, as much as it is for your image when another customer is watching you  in how you handle the situation. You are always calm to control the occurrence.

The rule is still alive: “The customer is always right!” that is if you want to make real tons of profits.

Your customer is your glass of very special wine.  That bottle which you kept it in your cellar for a long time, in order to enjoy it at a certain time. Your customer is the dearest part of your store operation; without it everything would fall apart. There would be no business! That is why you need to show the beauty in everything you have in your store.DisplayBeauty-Sophie

You need and must show the beauty of your retail store in all of its parts, qualities, products, personnel, appearance, and display. You need to protrude the physical beauty to the maximum degree possible. This is how you would get the big money and the huge sales.

Customers are very smart! They are smarter than before. One can step into your store and order a whole line for one hotel. Believe it or not. One product can be gone in less than one hour if you did your homework, which starts with choosing the right products for your market, but it is not our topic today. Today we will chat about the beauty of your display, and we prefer to have the signage under the display beauty coz they are inseparable. 

Signage is part of display and display is part of signage: they are both attached to each other. You should have any display with a price tag, or a price tag with a product display. It’s common sense!

The beauty of display involves many of our previous elements. For example, a good display would include the element of lights, colors, cleanliness, spaces, etc.. It is all connected to each other. However there is few points you need to take into account when considering the beauty of display in your store.

. The Prominent Spot:

Let your customer live the dream of having this beautiful watch. It is wrapped with golden satin fabric, while its rounded part have these tiny golden stars. It’s fancy, new, very expensive, and would take your customer up to the sky. It’s ok to touch the watch or even try it. Feeling like owning a product can let your customer buy it right away.

Make your products accessible and at various levels. Let that priceless piece be hers for one moment. She’ll continue thinking of it until she gets it. Place your most high-prices pieces in a very prominent spot!

. Change of places: Since we are in an era where everyone feels bore fast, it si good to make changes in your display every month or bi-weekly, to avoid the monotony of seeing the same beauty over and over again. Also, it gives the impression that your store is alive full of energy. 

Move your products according to the spaces that you have in your store, and remember it is always about the beauty of your creativity in displaying your products.

. Usage or color or person: You can create a display by product use or its unity of color with another product, or according to the age group or the sex group: women, men, kids, juniors, etc.

. Be delicate with your signs: The worst sign is the one that says: “No Touching” 🙄 Do you want to sell your products or you want people to visit a museum, it’s your choice.

. Lights: Remember, proper lighting can make your merchandise seem wondrous. This is very important fact, the more lights you have, the more beautiful and attractive your products would be. When your customer senses that beauty, guess what? More money comes to your pocket!

.  Tags: Their importance sometimes surpasses their sizes. No one would be happy to look for an employee to ask the price of any of your merchandise. It’s ridiculous! In well-planned prestigious stores you will never find this fault. Never put an item in display without making sure that it has its tag clean and clear, well-read, and attractive in the way it is written. Let the tag speaks for the elegance and the beauty of your store!

Although we chat many times about your store and its beauty, there is still more to say, but if you really consider all those tips and implement them, it would guarantee your success and your sales would jump up to the top. Just be careful, getting to the top is easier than keeping yourself there!

Good luck for everyone, and until we explain more business points, keep digging deeper to get to the butter of our posts, with our hugs and kisses

. Retail sales.


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