Coming Soon!

You’ve been soap-free for seven months! Isn’t that just wonderful! …. 😉 Welcome back everyone! Thank you our devoted friends and readers from the US, India, Cameroon, Brazil, Poland, the UK, Australia, and Germany 😉

Today we’ve published a glimpse at our coming posts via a 5 minutes video on YouTube. It includes a few number of in-process articles. You can challenge yourself and make guesses about the photos provided, then later on you can match it to the post when it is published. 😀

Here’s the video:

In few moments, you will chat with us about the story of soap-free, and where this idea came from? What originated it? For what purpose? etc.

If this something you like to know more about, you’re welcome to keep checking on our topics, until this “Soap-Free” post is complete and published.

Until then, stay warm and visit our channel on YouTube, you would be able to subscribe for free and access all the videos produced for, which will give you a chance to pick the topics you like its their main pictures the most, with our hugs and kisses

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