Your Touch!

Genuine and authentic, but sometimes you might tumble looking for sunshine! 😉 Welcome back dear friends from the US, Brazil, India, France, Ghana, Kenya, Nicaragua, Australia, the UK, and Hungary 😉

How many times you thought: is it gonna be my day today?! Do you ever ask yourself this question? If yes, why?

Because people have become so changeable, or that is at least how it feels. One day you’ll find your son happy and talk to you forever, and the next day, he would say hi while coming in or going out, as if you’re not there any more. The same thing goes for your workplace, one day, everyone smiles at you in a welcoming tone, while the next day, they pretend to be busy. You should get used to this, coz this is now the sense of life we all live. It’s not only you, it’s everyone else. Just deal with it “as is”.

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Touching this kind of subjects may make you feel that there is no more sentimental feelings any more, but the truth is that there is still a lot of emotions in your world but busy life make you skip on some of them, so don’t take it personal. How about the feeling of touch?

What is the sense of touch? Is there anything called the sense of touch? Yes, of course! Touch is:

Our sense of touch is controlled by a huge network of nerve endings and touch receptors in the skin known as the somatosensory system. This system is responsible for all the sensations we feel – cold, hot, smooth, rough, pressure, tickle, itch, pain, vibrations, and more. (Google)

Your sense of touch is the Image result for skin partsfirst to develop and most often the last to fade.

Touch allows you to determine the features of an object; for example, when you touch a fabric you would know how soft or rough it is or how wet or dry.

Without your sense of touch the only feelings you have are emotional. You have three different types of receptors that allow you to physically feel: mechanoreceptors, therm receptors, and touch temperature and pain receptors.

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Mechanoreceptors allow you a sense of touch through these receptors you feel pressure vibrations and texture on the surface of the skin. The information these receptors receive is immediately sent and processed in the brain. The most sensitive of these is found in your lips, eyelids, face, and soles of your feet.

These receptors differ in size and in speed size relates to the area affected and speed relates to how quickly the receptors react to the stimuli simple perception of texture.

Receptors respond when you adjust grip or force for instance when you’re holding a pencil. Thermoreceptors allow us a sense of temperature of objects like picking up a hot pizza or an ice-cold drink. These receptors are found most in our ears and our nose which explains why those body parts both feel colder more quickly than others receptors for cold temperature.

They are larger in density and they are somewhat stimulated at 95 degrees Fahrenheit and very stimulated at 77 degrees Fahrenheit and you lose feeling below 45 degrees.

Receptors for warm temperature are somewhat stimulated at 86 degrees most stimulated at 113 and anything above that causes the pain receptors to kick in. These receptors only feel a general change in temperature of the skin.

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There are three million pain receptors found throughout your body and your skin your muscles bones your blood vessels and some organs. These SophieTouchreceptors are called no-see receptors. They encourage you to move away from the source causing pain or to rest and not use a limb. They simply detect pain from a cut, a scrape, or a burn. They respond to anything that can possibly cause you harm.

The amount of effect relates to the amount of tissues: a lot of pain means a lot of tissue is affected but a little pain would mean a small amount of tissue is affected. No-see receptors keep your body safe like an overall.

Everything in your body is amazing. You need to know more and more about your body. Imagine riding your car for five years or ten years without knowing nothing about it parts?! How about your own body which you’re riding every single day of your life, aren’t you the least curious to know what is going on inside this magical Heavenly piece of art!

Until we talk again, play around with your topics, you’ll soon get your real inspiration with our hugs and kisses


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