Sometimes magic is real but only few can see it, be one! 😉 Welcome back friends from the US, Canada, the UK, India, and Brazil   😉

Actually that picture was supposed to be with what Erika said about her first time magic experience. Erika said: “The first time I was introduced to the concept of 1st magicTrickmagic when my uncle make a trick that showed his thumb was separated from the rest of his hand, I panicked but surprised and amazed when my uncle was smiling saying it was magic, and that I didn’t need to panic. The 2nd time when my classmate made a coin disappear and brought it back from my ear, or as if it was in my ear.”

But there is plenty more about magic. I believe that we can talk about magic forever. OMG! It must have reminded you of a thousand things the way it did to everyone in our team.

You must have remembered a time when you were a kid and had that special first magic experience, or as a youth having that magical high school graduation trip to Disneyland, or as an adult  kissing  your bride, or as senior watching your grandchildren coming to life. It’s all magic, nothing less!

Ruby said that: “I swear to God that happened to me. One day when I was in high school, I used to take care of a disabled kid. He was 7-8 yrs old but he was mute he couldn’t hear or speak. His mom would give me a $ 20 to take him to an ice-cream cart, buy him his favorite ice-cream (strawberry), and return him back home, and take the rest of the $ 20.

I did that for that kid for months. He lived in my neighborhood, and I wanted to earn any money at that time. One day I got Mo as I used to call him, and reaching the ice-cream cart there was a long line ahead of us, as if all the neighborhood’s kids were there that day. By the time we reached the ice-cream guy, there was nothing left in his cart. There were still other kids behind us.Magic3

Once they knew that the cart was empty, that no more ice-cream, they turned around heading back home. But Mo didn’t. The ice-cream guy opened every part in his cart to show me that there was none there, not even another flavor. I was unhappy but I thought I could get him home and I could go somewhere else to get him one ice-cream. Turning around and using hand signs I started communicating what I was about to do, when all of a sudden the ice-cream man called us to go back after we walked away from him.

I thought now what? Why was he calling after us? But I turned around holding Mo’s hand. To my complete surprise, the guy was holding exactly the kind of ice-cream Mo’s liked, his face was pale, his voice was shaky as if he saw a ghost, and he said: “Sorry I don’t know how that happened or where that came from, but I found it in the cart after I checked it out before as I showed both of you. That was a super mega magic for me. I’ll never forget it but not for the ice-cream, it was for….. ” (in our next post)

Although all of what we said so far is true and may answer our last question of “what are some magical things that happened to you?”; but still it’s unlike the crafty magic art which is performed by professional magicians.

Morgan said she didn’t believe in magic, why was that?! You’ll know soon 😉

Until we chat again, continue to our topics and to our next story of magic with our hugs and kisses

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