You would count on 2 this time! 😉 Welcome back friends and readers from the US, India, Philippines, Sweden, South Africa, and the UK.  😉

Eva and Hilda were talking about magic again, and the battle started between the two of them, each one defending her viewpoint. The rest of us were listening and taking notes, haha!

Meany didn’t believe in magic coz she was evil, that was her story according to Ray. He said there were powers beyond what you can see, and that many of your experiences could not be explained. Meany was short-sighted female worker who was miserable by nature. She was pessimistic and gloomy. You can feel her negative vibes miles away from her, as Ray said. He Magic5totally avoided her!

Willy mentioned that when he was young, he used to know who was calling before answering the phone, and that his dad and mom were surprised that he could tell that every time the phone rang, until one day it stopped after getting to his high school.

Natural magic exits only if you allow it into your life, but you may feel afraid of it, because you can’t explain it or understand it. In Spain, long time ago, it was said that two children were discovered in a cave, and that their skin was green. They were a boy and a girl who cried so loud that farmers found them in that remote cave. The girl survived but her bro died coz he didn’t eat, and that their tongue was not Spanish, n he couldn’t communicate what he could eat. His sister expressed to her founder that she came from a place where there was no sun, but the whole situation was not understandable merely due to its vague nature. Would you call that magic? May be? Coz this is how people of Spain called it.

Do you believe that magic is around you all the time? That it gives you guidance, inspiration, and meaning to your life? Would it make any difference if you did? You are not nuts when you believe in magic, if the meaning of magic is everything nice that happened to you for some unknown reason. If you can’t explain it, you can at least enjoy it.

Do you all believe that magic exists?

It depends! Think of times when you wear a specific ring coz you feel that it is optimistic for your interview. Think of a pin that you stick to your jacket when you’re going to your exam, feeling that it will give you confidence in answering questions or it would optimize your energy.

Why are you wearing this specific golden locket? Coz your mom gave it to you n you feel safe wearing it? Do you feel as if your mom is watching over you. Some things you can’t see, you can’t put your finger on it, but you know it and your heart tells you that it exists.

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Few professional magicians challenged people to come up with any explanations for their acts, probably they were real or not. An example was Harry Houdini who:

could make heavy tables and chairs (often with people sitting in them) levitate. Under close observation, he could place his hands and face into red-hot coals without harm. He could make himself grow and stretch up to 12 inches taller!

In his most famous demonstration, he is said to have floated out of a window of a four-story building and then appear outside an adjacent window, which he then climbed in, to Image result for group talking in drawingthe astonishment of his audience. Unlike many mediums of his day, Home welcomed scrutiny by scientists and skeptics.

It was exciting to listen to that game of words that went on among few members of our team when they expressed how they saw magic.

Until we chat again, may be next time about a story from the far away land, until then stick to our topics, look for the magic, and for our hugs and kisses

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