Your Eyes²!

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Rarely-known info is a lot, but some consider it trivia, I wonder why?

The Horizon Times published in Feb an article about unknown facts of your eyes. It’s super interesting to read it, but there was not a lot of explanation about who exactly gave those facts.

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One of those facts about your eyes said:

Your eyeballs will never change size, from the second you were born, they remain. While the rest of your body grows and changes, your eyeballs never will!

EyesSophie1Funny! Based on this fact, from now on, you’d count how many movies made the mistake of having a flashback for an adult to find a child whose eyes were different from the corresponding adult. 🙄EyesSophie.jpg

Another interesting fact was:

An eye can differentiate between ten million different colors which is pretty spectacular. While we might only know the names of say 10 different colors, our eyes are capable of recognizing many more.

The amazing part about this, is that the differentiation is done effortlessly automatically uncontrollably. Wow!

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