On the Road²!

Exits exist everywhere, but are you the one?!  😉 Welcome back dearest friends and readers from the US, Romania, Qatar, Australia, and India 😉

Flanner said that it was a one-time experience and that he never felt that way even towards his finacée. He was in a random moment totally obsessed of someone he didn’t even know.oie_oie$1_twinkles (1)Kateaspen.com
The reason was vague and the motive was unknown. He asked himself why he was doing that and why he started following that car, but he couldn’t find any reasonable answer in his mind. It was an impulsive action with no justification whatsoever. 
Make your special day sparkle with elegant sophistication.Send your guests home with favors that are tasteful and practical. They will forever remember your wedding thanks to these beautifully designed styles.On the Road“My speed was 45 m/h as it was written in those signs along the road. She didn’t try to speed up or change the lane she was taking. She was driving the very first right lane. After being in the second lane next to her, and because I didn’t want to lose her, I changed to her lane, right after her car.”

Qatar Airways

He continued: “I was able to see her very clearly. I can hear the music she was listening to, not physically speaking, but mentally. I could see her blond thin hair playing on her face, a compelling attraction in a magical dance by the draft coming through her windows. She didn’t touch her hair or keep it away from her eyes or face. She was in a complete surrender to that air. Wow, what a lovable  creature. My God, what am I saying?”


Flanner didn’t make sense of what was going on, and what was the song that brought all of that? Or was it something other than the song?

Until we chat again, we’ll know more about it, keep getting your streams via our topics, with our hugs and kisses Seatcraft AnthemShop MissMaryofSweden.com now!

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