Sure welcome back to all of you, friends from the US, Trinidad & Tobago, and Brazil! 😉

Flanner kept wondering while tailing that unknown girl if he went insane or that that could had happened to anyone else. While he was puzzled with his behavior, he was hypnotized with no way to get out of where he
He said: “It was as if I was flirting with that lady. Of course not exactly the meaning of the word but I was acting as if I was doing that. Chasing after her a stop-light after another was not normal. Probably I did that before, but no it was not like that. That was absolutely intense.”

“The song I heard part of was “Dance with Me” probably it was D. Morgan or a On the Roadversion close from it. Its one of my favorite songs, and that was a good reason to have someone who has the same music taste I have”, Flanner said.

“Even the following song was another one of my special “Meet Me There” I don’t remember who sing it, but “

Qatar Airways

My heart was racing after a mirage and I was completely awake. I knew that it was no aim and that it was like a childish game, but I saw her looking at her mirror as if she was saying it was ok to follow her wherever she was going. May be I made that up to myself to justify my going after her. All I knew was that I enjoyed her company on the road. Isn’t that enough?”, asked Flanner.


“I didn’t have to change my way, she was going in the same direction, but it was as if we both paced our vehicles to be on the same exact speed. I opened my windows” 🙂

Until we chat again about Flanner’s game, keep sipping  your delicious topics, with our hugs and kisses

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