Oh! You’re on, so are we! 😉 Welcome back friends and readers from everywhere: the US, Kenya, Armenia, China, Germany, and Canada! 😉

There’s more! There’s always more, it’s just a matter of timing. Why am I saying this? Because although Sandy suggested a number of subjects for us to talk about in  our post, Rogers argued that it’s the right time to talk about Halloween or the Caravan that is trying to enter the US territories without the permission of the US authorities.


You see how hard it is for us to decide. At the same time, Olivia said that many resources have already spoken about all those topics, and that our topic had to be great original one similar to “Drawing-Analysis“. She claimed that niche subjects usually attract more of you. Is that true?

Qatar Airways

I’m blown away when listening to all of that coming from smart students who are so eager to share valuable ideas with all of you, but the only thing I like to see is more response on your part. My students and I, as a team, would love to hear from you. Your comments/questions/suggestion would make us able to do better.

SeaBear Chowder & Soups

Noah mentioned that he recently watched a TV show for kids called “Top Chef YoungChefsJunior” and that he admired the kids in that program a lot coz when he was their age, he was not able to express himself the way they did. “When they speak, I feel they are adults, well-matured and well-spoken. I’m not sure if there was a pre-script for them to follow or that it was really true and natural,” he completed his explanation.

I watched the show when he mentioned many things about it that moved our curiosity. Then I understood completely what he meant. Try to see it yourself and tell us your views.

Until we talk again, get your new inspiration from among our walls, it’s full of secrets and fun, with our hugs and kisses ❤


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