Sometimes you like adventures, other times you might be hesitant about it; it all depends on ….. 😉  Welcome back friends and readers from the US, Germany, Romania, Ecuador, Switzerland, Italy, and the UK 😉

It’s amazing how days go crazy fast and you can do nothing about it. This year has passed relatively fast for some reason. Can you imagine that in two months a new year will be here! Not our subject though 😮

SeaBear Chowder & Soups

Have you ever driven on HW 17? If you live in Northern CA, and in your way from Monterey to Walnut Creek or Sacramento or any other city in that area, and went through Highway 17, I bet you’d try to avoid it for the rest of your life. Never mind the beautiful tall trees and the forest style of the road.

Why? coz it’s one of the most curvy roads I’ve ever experience. There’s few like that though, which raised the curiosity of Peter who asked: “Why do some roads look so quirky or sharply curved?

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Quora gives us this answer:

“The highway follows the line of least resistance. In many instances, this means that it finds valleys between mountains, and follows that land which tends to keep it on the same level over a long period. Also, the highway may turn to avoid some obstacle, such as a mountain range or a piece of property that the State could not buy. Roads try not to go directly through someone’s land, although that isn’t always possible.

Also, if you were to look at very old maps, you would find old traces, animal trails, wagon trails, etc., which, when building a road, the engineers tried to follow, because they tended to be practical routes not going too much up or downhill, and they generally circumvented plots of property.”

Northwest Smoked Salmon

SeaBear Smokehouse







17Oh! Here’s the map of this road- 17. Not bad at all. 😮 I’m sure there’s much worse; especially when it’s on the edge of the mountain, and nothing is after that edge except an open air! 🙄

So when you’re driving through an edge, you need to Reduce your speed before approaching a curve. Watch out for road signs warning of approaching curves so that you have ample time to slow down before steering through the curve. It is advisable to drive below the posted speed limit as you approach and drive through curves. Turn as little as possible.

Of course, the longer the course the more impatient you’d become, so you better stop for few minutes whenever you can. Take a deep breath, and make sure that you regain your good nerves, then continue again.

Until we talk again, drive carefully through our topics, get your inspiration sharpened, with our hugs and kisses ❤

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